Emails from actual clients:


From a client whose house we sold and then represented them on the purchase of a short sale that was for sale for 2 years with other agents and could not be approved by short sale bank until we took over the deal:

Dear George Sr.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. No Real Estate Broker in this world could have done such complex case that you and your team went through. My family and I recognize and profoundly appreciate your effort and hard work.
Many thanks and credits to Regan for her innovative solutions and diligent follow ups to our problems. Anybody else in her situation would have probably given up, especially every time bank negotiators kept on changing. With her solution and world class negotiations skills, she made sure that deal was on the right track. Regan’s focus to complete the mission is unheard of in the field of “business negotiation.”
Many thanks to George Junior for maintaining a positive attitude, while holding all of us together and not giving up. With tireless coordination between all parties and helping Regan, he made sure that deal was not failing. George’s persistence on the overall mission was a major contributing factor to our victory.
..….and very special thanks to you as a Fearless Warrior and the Grand Master of the Real Estate while demonstrating world class and flawless and value leadership. All Executive Leadership Business schools across the nation should consider your leadership approach as a case study and the team that did not give up while all odds were against us. It is evident to me that you applied the military warrior’s strategy on the notion of “failure is not an option.”

Kind regards,


“I have to tell you, you made a great impression as an agent. I’m in Insurance sales. I love my agent but will also tell people on how professional and strait up you were when we spoke and have nothing but great to things to say about you as a Realtor!!!” – P.H.



“I went to a lot of open houses last month and you are the only agents that followed up with me after coming to your open house - numerous times. I was very impressed by your persistence, and will be confident in your abilities to sell my home as well.” – P. W.